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At Rovina Medical Diagnostics, our services and its delivery is centered around making them available to our clients and the community in the most convenient manner, using well trained members of staff, modern methods and tested technology. This has ensured that our clients and the community that we serve has continued to trust us and the services that we provide because we are passionate about them and the welfare. 

As an organization, we are also passionate about consistently giving back to the communities where we are located. We always try to ensure that every patient that walks through our door or members of the community that we encounter leaves with a smile, knowing that they have been served and attended to by well trained, world class medical diagnostics staff. 

Visit any of our offices and you are assured of leaving with a broad smile on your face, that is the Rovina Promise. 

Chemical Pathology

At Rovina, we ensure that our clients get the best pathology services possible with the aid of our modern equipment and well trained professional staff. Our short turnaround time has also continued to endear us to our clients and hospitals.


We offer the full range of immunoassay services to our patients. Our precision, fast turnaround time and attention to details has been one of our greatest strength


At Rovina, we ensure that all results from our microbiology department meet the highest quality standard at all times.


Using bounced sound waves, this medical imaging technique visualizes blood flow through blood vessels, muscles, tendons, and many internal organs. It is also important in detecting tumor masses or swellings. Scan tests are most popular in pregnancy related examinations and are relatively safe. Other types of scan offered include breast scan, obstetric scan, musculoskeletal, Thyroid scan, Anomaly scan, Uss guided aspirations, Prostate scan, Abdominal scan, Occular scan and Transfontanelle scan.

X-Ray Imaging

This provides the internal view of body parts with the use of Digital X-ray machines without making any incisions on the skin. This is particularly important where a patient is experiencing pain and also help in the monitoring of certain human body conditions. Services include Digital X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, 4D Ultrasound, Digital Mammography


Mammography is specialized medical imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts. It is actually an x-ray picture of the breast and mostly used in cases of suspected breast cancer and other breast lumps and masses.


An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a medical test that detects cardiac (heart) abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts. The machine that records the patient’s ECG is called an electrocardiograph and carries out this process through small electrode patches attached to the chest, arms and legs.

Health Checks

Health checks are essential to ensure early detection of various forms of diseases and ensure adequate management. We offer various levels of health check to both individuals and corporate clients. A comprehensive list and the various medical diagnoses that they cover are listed below…
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Blood Banking

Everybody can donate blood. You willingness to offer this life giving assistance ensures that injured persons and those in need of blood get the opportunity to service and be of service to their families and nation. Contact us to donate today

Corporate Services

We provide corporate organizations such as companies, schools and other corporate outfits with professional diagnostic services such as pre-employment health check-ups for staff, on-site medical services, employee health education on key health issues and routine staff examination.

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