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To become one of the top three preferred names in the medical diagnostic service industry in Nigeria


To consistently deliver quality diagnostic healthcare services at affordable rates.

Areas Covered

We offer a wide range of Radiological investigations,
Laboratory tests, Check ups
and other medical diagnostic services 

At Rovina, we ensure that our clients get the best pathology services possible with the aid of our modern equipment and well trained professional staff. Our short turnaround time has also continued to endear us to our clients and hospitals.

Using bounced sound waves, this medical imaging technique visualizes blood flow through blood vessels, muscles, tendons, and many internal organs. It is also important in detecting tumor masses or swellings. Scan tests are most popular in pregnancy related examinations and are relatively safe. Other types of scan offered include breast scan

This provides the internal view of body parts with the use of Digital X-ray machines without making any incisions on the skin. This is particularly important where a patient is experiencing pain and also help in the monitoring of certain human body conditions. Services include Digital X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, 4D Ultrasound, Digital Mammography

At Rovina, we ensure that all results from our microbiology department meet the highest quality standard at all times.

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